About a person

I have manipulated the title so that you, yes you, in particular, can feel that this is about you.

Because I talk less these days (as the majority of the human population) and have fewer options to entertain myself, thoughts keep flashing back to me, about the past. Such a nice past.

This article is for every person that has made my life a little better and has been there in some of my precious moments, the moments that I'll cherish forever in my lifetime.

As its a feeling, it should be a poem rather than an article:

You may or may not remember how we met for the very first time,
But certainly I didn’t expect the bond will grow,
Smiles, mean looks, I remember everything,
Vividly enough to live them again in dreams.
To a person who is cautious about her style sense in public,
Your unmatched pair of shoes and loose T shirt,
Shown me the best of self-confidence and admiration.
How you discussed your crazy travel diaries,
The unplanned trips and some sad stories,
Had made me question about my way of life
But I was okay, I was cool, it was you only to remind.
I know it’s been a long time,
But I have an old habit of engraving moments,
How are you always ready to listen and support?
And give some to-the-point tips to make me less vulnerable,
I cannot forget the midnight ice-cream,
That tolerated our insane conversations,
You exposed me to shopping, visiting and chilling up,
When I really didn’t believe in these making me feel better.
You have been a factor to influence my career goals,
My actions, my thought process, my mindset,
You worked hard and inspired me to work harder,
This world really need more people like you,
To stay positive, insane, smart and beautiful.
I am definitely not out of words,
But this pretty much sums up everything,
I adore you with all my heart,
Congrats on earning one more good friend forever.

- Urja

Won't leave you among wild guessing. Thanks, Divya Tiwari, Ramya Vadali, Sanket Thakur, Nelson Dantis, Surbhi Jain, Tannishk Sharma, Gaurav Sharma for showing up in my life, and being a part of wonderful times.

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