To All the Peeps

....takes out headphones and start listening to romantic songs featuring myself and one of the so many crushes.

I don't know what hit me now. I felt bad. No, it's not because someone just gave a philosophical lecture or I have met some "Strong Independent Girl". It's all of a sudden realization. So deep that after 7 months I am opening my website and writing.

I had a habit since say 2nd standard? I have loved listening to romantic songs imagining me and my that time crush dancing together, floating in the air, singing in classroom and all the crazy and normal stuff. I had grown up in that way. I have always, inside my deep thoughts desired to impress everyone. Like Always. And this was not limited to boys, I would imagine my parents seeing me on stage dancing on some great songs or my teachers getting shocked by my dancing talent, etc, etc.

I am now realizing how rooted I am to this characteristic, so innocent at the start but gradually impacting me and my work at a huge scale. And it's not good or bad that I am pondering, it is just a realization of the way I am brought up.

I have been a topper in my school times. Mostly. Got selected to a good institute and then to a good company as a software engineer with good colleagues and manager. All of it, is mostly seen in two ways by almost every human on this planet.

  • She was kinda blessed with good aptitude and started getting lucky having a National Institute in home state, winning hacks, getting good offers because of a good university and mostly getting everything with a little effort.
  • OMG, She is an epitome of a smart girl rising above and working hard to achieve her dreams.

Honestly, I don't feel either way.

It will become a little weird if I try to justify why I don't feel that way and why you all are wrong. But hey! I am not gonna do that.

I just want to say:

  • Thanks Dad, for making me study very hard and exposing me to a variety of activities in my early school days so that my dumb mind struggles and becomes smarter.
  • Thanks Mom, for being rude and harsh on me in my early days so that I realize the importance of peace and happiness and learn how to always excel in adjusting all sorts of people in my life.
  • Thank you to my teachers to make me skillful and be ready to help whenever required.
  • Thanks to all my friends for making my life fun and interesting.


I can go back to my past and discover all sorts of fu**ing excuses that I hear from most people. But I am among those who asked the help of a teacher with a good attempt to solve a problem, most of the peeps either went blank or didn't care to attempt.



Docker: Part 1 – DevOps for SDEs

Hey There!

It’s been almost a year for me as a Software Engineer after completing my Bachelors and I have decided to put together all my learnings: both as a newbie and an average technically sound fresher; I am starting with offering a short series on DevOps for anyone who might get to work for a little on this or need related information time to time.

Of course, Let’s start with …… DOCKER!

In simple words, let’s see what will happen if you have two projects you wanna deploy to server:

One Node JS based and one Java based. Both of these projects require certain libraries and dependencies. These libraries/dependencies are dependent on the OS we use. And, things become messy and hard to manage if there are frequent upgrades required; both to our application and to the frameworks we use.

To overcome this, VMs were introduced that offer full isolation in terms of dependencies. Each project can have its own set of independent resources and hence VMs are heavy to be able to incubate independent running apps. Yeah, that’s why it takes minutes to start!


VMs are super useful if we want full isolation with guaranteed resources but what if we are looking for something that separates processes and runs them on a fairly adequate host?

Docker gives you the ability to snapshot the OS into a shared image, and makes it easy to deploy on other Docker hosts (Any server that supports hosting docker images!).

When an image is deployed, it’s running instance is called a container. Container accelerates the deployment process by shipping everything (Libraries, dependencies etc) as one package. This enables the quick and smooth run of the application across environments.

The key this to note is, Container are not VMs. They don’t offer virtualisation. The host and container OSs must be the same. In docker particularly, the base OS is Linux. Further, The resources containers use are also of the host machine.

So, Docker -> Isolation

VM -> Vitualisation

Apart from the Commands elaborated in docs, here are the most common commands I have personally used

  • docker ps: To know all the running containers and their information
  • docker exec -> ssh/sudo exec -it <container_id> -> get inside of a running container
  • docker pull -> pulls an image from a repository/registry

Next we will learn about Container Management and orchestration and how Kubernetes (K8) is useful for same.



Ever noticed that girl whose notes were distributed to the whole class? That girl who used to leave early from the office parties? The one who is always afraid to ask for the silliest of favours?


Since a very long time, we have been portraying an ideal woman as someone subtle, shy, kind and gentle nature. One who is responsible for the integrity of a family, one who will always shower unconditional love upon her closed ones. As the days are passing, we are seeing women redefining themselves by not limiting their knowledge and power to homes and by exploring the world out of the established boundaries to connect, to challenge and to inspire.

We may feel that she knows a little but when we are guiding her, she actually keeps her conscience along and trust her instincts without letting the world know about her wisdom. We may feel that she needs to be protected but when she faces any danger alone, she amazes the whole world by unveiling her heroic avatar. We may also feel that she can’t manage being both a housewife and a business woman but when she takes the shot, the whole world gets awestruck by her talent and audacity.

The best part is, she doesn’t show off. She doesn’t need to. She believes in sharing love without expectations. She believes in consistent actions without taking care of the results. She is someone who has been gifted an enormous will power to love in times of pain and to work in times of crisis.

But hey! That’s not all! She isn’t that boring too! 😉

She knows how to crazily dance in celebrations. She knows how to outsmart wittiest of the witty men in dating. She knows how to make people stare in awe when she enters a hall with that pretty dress glorified with her smile. She has handled the toughest times of her best friends and has made the time tough for her haters. She has everything she wants, even if she doesn’t, she does has the skill and tenacity to acquire it.

So, the next time you encounter that girl in the bar, that lady in your office, your mother, sister, daughter or wife,

Adore her! Keep her happy! She is the purest form of God in this world.

“Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!”

— Erick S. Gray

Brace Loneliness

Brace Loneliness

When we say the word “Lonely”, different people have different reactions. Some just imagine a gloomy atmosphere, some imagine silence, some imagine peace, some imagine full fun time.

Let’s dive deeper to understand the cause of these reactions.

People who are generally bullied in the outside world will undoubtedly find peace and happiness in being lonely. Similarly, those who cannot live without interacting, gossiping and having fun with others will feel dull in being lonely. Those who spend most of their time in loud and harsh atmosphere will embrace silence in being alone and those who undergo too many restrictions in their day to day life will undoubtedly engage in all the fun and music while being alone.

So, we get three things from the reactions people give to loneliness.

  1. The day to day life of theirs
  2. Are they in love with their life?
  3. Their inner traits

As an example, if we consider the case of a person being bullied by others, his/her notion about being alone will be a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere that indicates ze is a shy person, ze is not bold enough to face oversmart people. Ze’s life involves a good amount of interaction and ze is not happy with it.

Clearly loneliness allows us to be in our original form. We do what we like, we don’t have to fake anything to please anyone. If a person likes to read, ze reads or if ze likes to dance, ze dances and thereby we actually grow that aspect of ours which we like and which we wanna become better in. We develop. We don’t pay attention to what others are doing which avoids unnecessary jealousy and following up the rat race.

Although, being always lonely may not always help. Exposing ourselves to the world eventually leads to motivation if we emerge up to a talented personalities, but then, that world has to be the one in which we fit in. Athletes will obviously not feel that happiness and satisfaction while being in a studious environment as much as in sporty one. They will blossom up among other similar people. Competition in this case will be a healthy one.

Loneliness is an exercise for our mind to listen to our heart. Its everything about analyzing our deeds, our visions and reframing them everytime we intuit something wrong. So we all should take some amount of our time for ourselves for this work of self discovery.