Brace Loneliness

When we say the word “Lonely”, different people have different reactions. Some just imagine a gloomy atmosphere, some imagine silence, some imagine peace, some imagine full fun time.

Let’s dive deeper to understand the cause of these reactions.

People who are generally bullied in the outside world will undoubtedly find peace and happiness in being lonely. Similarly, those who cannot live without interacting, gossiping and having fun with others will feel dull in being lonely. Those who spend most of their time in loud and harsh atmosphere will embrace silence in being alone and those who undergo too many restrictions in their day to day life will undoubtedly engage in all the fun and music while being alone.

So, we get three things from the reactions people give to loneliness.

  1. The day to day life of theirs
  2. Are they in love with their life?
  3. Their inner traits

As an example, if we consider the case of a person being bullied by others, his/her notion about being alone will be a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere that indicates ze is a shy person, ze is not bold enough to face oversmart people. Ze’s life involves a good amount of interaction and ze is not happy with it.

Clearly loneliness allows us to be in our original form. We do what we like, we don’t have to fake anything to please anyone. If a person likes to read, ze reads or if ze likes to dance, ze dances and thereby we actually grow that aspect of ours which we like and which we wanna become better in. We develop. We don’t pay attention to what others are doing which avoids unnecessary jealousy and following up the rat race.

Although, being always lonely may not always help. Exposing ourselves to the world eventually leads to motivation if we emerge up to a talented personalities, but then, that world has to be the one in which we fit in. Athletes will obviously not feel that happiness and satisfaction while being in a studious environment as much as in sporty one. They will blossom up among other similar people. Competition in this case will be a healthy one.

Loneliness is an exercise for our mind to listen to our heart. Its everything about analyzing our deeds, our visions and reframing them everytime we intuit something wrong. So we all should take some amount of our time for ourselves for this work of self discovery.

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