The max I can bear

Everything is day by day becoming a mess in my life. Nobody has any idea of what I am going through and they shouldn't be. People have their own problems to deal with and I won't advise anyone to even talk to me these days.


It's important that I write it up. Relaxation is one aspect but before that, I just want to pin this shit on my website so that I can tell people what a complete mess looks like.

Again, its a feeling, so better go for a poem Urja.

Problems-Solutions, people grow with this mindset,

not ready for things that truly don't have any solution,

after listening to you they will say: do this, do that,

but that's how you know,

nobody got your point, nobody got your back,

lower your intellectual, to fit in, Daily

and start becoming like all of them, gradually, Daily

forget your love, forget your passion,

even if you don't want to, you would be pushed to,

modify your rules, principles, lifestyle,

Stay quiet, scream inside,

because you can't control, or act

to prevent your fall,

Consume months and months to get your time,

to think, and decide and then again modify

modify what you should want

modify what you should need

modify what you should say

modify what you should see

Yes, I understand the power of society, friends, and Family.

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